Cointreau Liqueur

750ml Bottle

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    Remy Cointreau
    40% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free, New Arrivals
    Product Description

    Cointreau Orange Liqueur is a masterpiece crafted through the unique distillation of all-natural sweet and bitter orange peels. It results in a crystal clear liqueur that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. For more than 30 years, the most excellent orange peels have carefully selected by their Master Distiller, Carole Quinton, to create the definitive orange liqueur.

    Cointreau's flavor profile is a symphony of unexpected dualities: It has an instant freshness yet lingers on the palate, is a harmonious blend of nuanced notes yet remains intensely orange. Cointreau serves as a flavor amplifier in cocktails, helping reveal the other ingredients while bringing balance, depth, and freshness to the mix.

    Founded in 1849 by Edouard-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau at the rue Saint-Laud in Angers, France. Cointreau has been family-run for six generations. A spectrum of more than 40 olfactive notes is a captivating ode to orange on its own and an enhancer of other flavors when mixed. A versatile, 80 proof spirit, Cointreau can be enjoyed as the base spirit in many cocktails, such as the Cointreau Rickey, but is also an essential ingredient in the most popular cocktails, including the Margarita, the Cosmopolitan, and the Sidecar. Enjoy!